Signs of Dyslexia

Children with dyslexia often display specific problems that parents and teachers can readily recognize. It is not always possible to diagnose a child’s condition through informal observation – but it is often helpful to consult a list of symptoms before referring a child for a formal evaluation.

Characteristics That May Accompany Dyslexia

  1. Lack of awareness of sounds in words-sound order, rhymes, or sequence of syllables
  2. Difficulty decoding words-single word indentification
  3. Difficulty encoding words-spelling
  4. Poor sequencing of numbers, of letters in words, when read or written, e.g. b-d; sign-sign; left-felt; soiled- solid; 12-21
  5. Problems with reading comprehension
  6. Difficulty expressing thoughts in written form
  7. Delayed spoken language
  8. Imprecise or incomplete interpretation of language that is heard.
  9. Difficulty in expressing thoughts orally
  10. Confusion about directions in space or time (right and left, up and down, early and late, yesterday and tomorrow, months and days)
  11. Confusion about left and right handedness.
  12. Similar problems among relatives
  13. Difficulty in handwriting
  14. Difficulty in mathematics-often related to sequencing steps or directionality or to the language of mathematics.