Thank You’s

The Reading Group is grateful for the support of the following individuals and organizations who have helped to make our reading program and scholarships possible. This list includes gifts made from 2012-2016. Despite our best efforts, errors and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our apology and notify us of the correction needed.

AFL-CIO of Champaign County
Franklin Alexander
Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Art Coop, Inc.
Art Mart
B-Fit Personal Training
George and Caroline Badger
George and Crystal Bailey
Barnes and Noble
David and Alicia Beck
Elias Bekele
George and Jennifer Bell
Theresa Benson
Carol Bergeson
Drew Bergmann
Brenda Blager
The Blossom Basket
Marie Bohl
Jeffrey Brown
Vibeke Bryn
Dennis and Kathleen Buetow
William Buetow
Gary and Patti Busche
Busey Bank
Deanna and John Buss
Carle Family Medicine
Paul Cole
Champaign Rotary Club Foundation (WGRC, Inc.)
Kiel Christianson
Community Foundation of East Central Illinois
Elizabeth Goldsmith-Conley
Evan and Karen Coobs
LaTondra Creighton
Winnie and Jim Crowder
Delores Das
John and Melinda Dawbrowski
Cory and Kyle Dawson
Deborah Day
Glen and Ronda De Valk
Claire Deal
John Deckert
Becky Densmore and Keith Plough
Christy and Mike Devocelle
Bob Digman
Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Dave Downey
John and Renee Dreusicke
Bernard and Christine Dunn
Durst Cycle and Fitness
Hope Easton
Ann Einhorn
Espresso Royale
The Ezra Levin Foundation
Rhonda Fallon
Dr. James Faron and Alice Faron
Kevin Farrell
Fehr Graham Engineering
Chuck and Debbie Feinen
Dr. Victor Feldman and Judith Feldman
Andrea Fierro
First Presbyterian Church
Gregory and Barbara Foster
Rusty and Jill Freeland
Peggy Froehlich
Ellen Frost
Anita Gaston Swartz
Cody Gayhart
Elbert and Barbara Gentry
Henry and Ruth Gerlach
Jennifer Gingerich
Elizabeth Goldsmith-Conley and Thomas Conley
Christine Gozdziak
Helen Grandone
Donald and Elizabeth Greeley
Sarah Grison
Karen Hampton
Gail Hankins
Kermit and Ann Harden
Ellen Harms
The Hatch Foundation
Dr. Terry Hatch and Dianne Hatch
Kristie Hayes
Patrick Hayes
Mary Heaton
Jan and Bruce Hinely
Hilton Garden Inn
Chad Hoffman
Lewis and Susan Hopkins
Gail and Lee Hudson
Lee Hudson
Wendy Hudson
Bonnie Hummel
Dot and Don Hunt
Glenda Hutchison
William Hutchison
International Galleries
Sara Jenkins
Harold and Patricia Jenson
Mary Johnson
Junior League of Champaign-Urbana
Anita Kaiser
Larry Kanfer
Beth Kaufmann
Linda Kautz
Marilyn and David Kay
George and Beverly Keifer
John Kelley
Marette Kelley
Matt Kelly
DeAnne Kimbel
Linda Kimmel
Glen and Susan Kitson
Beth Koplinski
Charles and Joan Kozoll
Mike Krueger
William and Carol Kubitz
David and Jennace Linton
Lola’s Brush
Alice Long
MTK Technologies
Martin, Hood, Friese and Associates
Janice McAteer and Mike Smith
George and Orlene McConkie
Michael McKelvey
Maureen McMahon and Carson Fulton
The Meyer Charitable Foundation
Liz Miles
Bryan Miller
Kandra Miller
Tina Miller
Craig Milling and Carla Eva Caceres
Milo’s Restaurant
Minneci’s Restaurant
Harold and Carol Moe
Scott Moe
Monical’s Pizza
Jessica Monson
Glenn and Mary Muller
Jonathon and Barbara Nadler
Traci Nally
Janet Ellis Nelson
Frederick Neumann
The News-Gazette
Carol and James Neilson
Orange Krush
Howard and Alice Osborne
Brenda Pacey
Esther Patt
Maliyah Pettigrew
John and Alice Pfeffer
Steven Pflaum
Penny Porter
Stephen and Esther Portnoy
The Pottery Place
Barbara Pritchard
Peiyong Qu
The Raynie Foundation
Mary Rhodes
Ruth Rhodes
Marlyn Rinehart
Donald and Gay Roberts
The Robeson Family Benefit Fund
Kathi Robinson
Angus Rockett
Karl Rosengren
John and Linda Ross
Thomas Ruzicka
Tom and Judy Ruzicka
Richard Schicht
Schnuck’s eScrips
Mary Schuster
Pat Schutt
Anita Gaston Schwartz
Melvin Skvarla
Doyle and Shannon Slifer
Linda Smith
Edward and Mary Elizabeth Spahr
Tish Stanner
State Farm Companies
Stevie Jay Broadcasting
Sue Stewart
Edie Stotler
Jan Strutz
Cheryl Sullivan and Brian Ross
Rachael Sullivan
Stanley Summers
Susan Taylor
The Raynie Foundation
Sara Thompson
John and Lisa Trimberger
Ralph and Carolyn Trimble
Jack and Mary Jane Tuttle
Urban Gardens
United Way of Champaign County
University of Illinois Foundation
Sarah Walkington
Kathy Wallig
Mary Walsh
Dorothy Walsten
Lin and Kay Warfel
Robert Warth and Cynthia Le
Jeanette Weider
James and Fran Welch
David Wong
Kam Wong
Tom Yaxley
Sandra Yoo
Rita Young