Our Programs


The Reading Group offers tutoring to help students with the following challenges:

• Reading (specializing in Dyslexia)
• Mathematics
• Speech/language development
• Study skills
• English as a Second Language (ESL)
• Gifted Enrichment
• ACT/SAT Prep
• Attention problems

We are a nonprofit with 43 years of experience providing specialized learning services:

• Programs for early childhood through adult
• One-on-one instruction
• Lessons designed for each child’s needs
• Experienced certified teachers
• Flexible scheduling
• 10 lesson package
• Child friendly environment
• Scholarships based on financial need
• Quiet classrooms for focused learning
• Reading and learning disability specialists

*** The Reading Group is a not-for-profit learning center where we offer one-on-one instruction for students of all ages. While we specialize in reading and dyslexia, we also offer help in mathematics, speech/language development, study skills, gifted enrichment, ACT/SAT prep, and ESL. All of our teachers are certified and experienced. We do not use a “one size fits all” approach to instruction, but an individualized program based upon the student’s needs and abilities. Established in 1972, The Reading Group is the longest running non-profit learning center in the area. ***

Benefits For Younger Students…

Each child receives appropriate instruction in a warm and caring atmosphere to help overcome specific problems in one or more of the following areas:
• Listening skills
• Following directions
• Pre-writing skills
• Language development
• Readiness skills

Benefits For Older Students…

As students grow toward greater independence, self-understanding, and self-direction, instruction focuses on how to learn, not simply what to learn. Key areas include:
• Study skills
• Writing and composition skills
• Reading comprehension
• Test-taking skills
• Phonics and word attack skills
• Spelling
• Handwriting
• Reading fluency

The Reading Group can help your student learn to read so they can read to learn!

Class Schedules

Our standard program is 10 weeks of lessons, one hour per week.

We strive to accommodate our students’ busy calendars with flexible class schedules. During the school year, our students are seen in the afternoon (after school), and in the early evening hours each weekday. We also have Saturday morning sessions. In the summer months, we have morning, afternoon, and evening sessions during the week, and Saturday mornings.


All new students are encouraged to have an assessment with a professional screener on our staff who can identify the specific reading challenges that are preventing them from reading successfully.

Assessments help to:
• Diagnose dyslexia
• Identify reading disorders
• Select proper curriculum
• Develop lesson plans

Fees for services

As a nonprofit, we seek to serve as many individuals in the community as possible by keeping our fees low and offering scholarships for students who are eligible. If you require help with the fees, please inquire about our scholarship program.

Initial assessment $100
• Recommended for new students
• Dyslexia screening
• Includes testing, consultation, and brief report

In-depth evaluation $250
• Optional for new students
• Dyslexia screening
• Includes testing, consultation, and multiple page report

One-On-One Instruction (rates effective Sept. 16, 2016)
• $67 per hour or $620 for 10 lessons
• Save $50 when you pay $620 at the first lesson

We accept most forms of payment:
• Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or personal checks
• Payments are accepted in person at The Reading Group during our office hours, or via PayPal
• Checks may be mailed to: 3011A Village Office Place, Champaign, IL 61822

If paying per class, payment is required at the beginning of each lesson.