Since 1972, The Reading Group, a not-for-profit learning center, has specialized in working with children and adults with attention problems, dyslexia, slowness in reading, and other puzzling learning problems.

The Reading Group Scholarship Program was established in 1990 to provide educational testing and one-on-one reading instruction for children from low-income families at no cost to the child’s family. This program is funded entirely through grants and private contributions. For further information about our scholarship program, refer to the “Scholarships” tab on the website’s panel heading.

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The Reading Group also has an Endowment Fund in place to ensure the growth and stability of our non-profit organization – the only one of its kind in the Central Illinois region. The Endowment Fund has grown from private contributions of generous individuals and companies and is now able accept donations in the form of monetary contributions as well as stock options.

Please join in helping The Reading Group maintain its excellent program by sending in your contribution today.

Secure online contributions to our scholarship fund can be made by clicking the following:

Contributions can also be mailed to:

The Reading Group
3011A Village Office Place
Champaign, IL 61822

Reading Group has been great experience

Congratulations to The Reading Group on its 40th anniversary year.
I have accompanied three of my grandchildren to The Reading Group for several years.. They have learned basic and advanced skills and built self-confidence.
I witness their enthusiasm to learn as well as a lifelong bond being built between the children and their instructors as they give the children building blocks to succeed. Anyone interested in enriching their children’s lives should consider enrolling them into The Reading Group.
Linda Frank
The News-Gazette, Letter to the Editor, 4/5/12